french press

French Press

The coffee that prepared with this tool usually strong and heavy body, most common problem with this tool is over extracted coffee, so you need to transfer the coffee after preparation

What do you need?

Coffee, French press, grinder, scale, timer, water heater, spoon

First step:

Start heating the water (quantity depends on size of your tool)

Second step:

While the water heats, grind the coffee course ration from 1:10 to 1:15

Third step:

Pour the water almost double amount of the coffee

Fourth step:

Steer the coffee with the spoon and let it bloom for 30 seconds

Fifth step:

Pour over the rest of the water and let it set for 4-6 minutes

Sixth step:

Press the plunge, if you need strength to press it, it might that the grind was too fine, and if it was too easy, it might that the grind was too course, then transfer the coffee to another server so you won’t over extract it

Seventh step:

Enjoy your drink