Rwanda - gali -- رواندا - قالي

Farm: Gali
Varietal(s): Bourbon
Processing: Anaerobic 
Altitude: 1,800 to 2200 metres above sea level 
Owner: Jean Luc Rwmasirabo
Region: Gicumbi 
Country: Rwanda

this coffee comes from Jerika Coffee Trading Company, Produces and exports green coffee beans. Located in Gicumbi and Gatsibo District of the Northern Province of Rwanda which features an ideal climate for strong flowering and rich soil leading to highly productive trees. For many years, the company was comprised of 1920 farmers. since 2021, the company has the capacity of exporting 150 tons of green coffee per year.

Jerika Ltd. owns and manages 3 washing stations in Rwanda and works directly with many independent farmers from Gatsibo and Gicumbi District to help improve production, quality control and market their coffees. Jerika Ltd. was established in 2017 as a vehicle for social impact and offers financial literacy, agribusiness managemnt and agronomy training programs to its partners to increase yield and keep them operational, profitable and healthy.